We Build Equitable, Community Co-designed Projects

LOTE has 26 years of experience putting Australia’s multicultural communities first.

We are a human-centred design agency with inclusivity and equity in mind.

Our solutions are designed to give people a sense of belonging in Australia.

As a profit-for-purpose business, we provide innovative solutions for a broad range of industries; multicultural research for a not-for-profit, a multicultural communications and PR strategy for a sports league, or a community engagement programme for critical public health issues, our understanding of ethnic and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups is what sets us apart.

Strategic Multicultural Solutions

We have been helping our clients reach and service multicultural audiences for over 26 years, through highly effective co-designed programmes.



Before diving in, let’s get the lay of the land. Do you know who your diverse audiences are? Do you know what their information needs are? Do you know whether you’re meeting those needs? Lets dive in together.

Discovery workshops

Multicultural Audit – unpacking barriers

Community Consultations

Qualitative research / focus group testing

Demographic Data Analysis



We will work with you to develop a plan built on solid research and industry best practice, so that your campaign is set up for success.

Community engagement and framework (IAP2 best practice)

Customer Journey Mapping

Service Design

Marketing / Communications Strategy

Inclusion Training



Using culturally appropriate content and their preferred communications channels, your message will be delivered to your audience.

Community engagement

Social Outreach

In-language Content Production

Media campaigns

Translation and Typesetting

Our Services

We empower you to reach your diverse audience in the most effective way. With over 26 years of expertise in multicultural community outreach, we will find the best approach to reach your audience.

Featured Projects

Solutions for diverse audiences

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