Sustainability Victoria – Recycling Victoria

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Sustainability Victoria – Recycling Victoria


Sustainability Victoria identified gaps in the recycling behaviours of all Victorians, with household items being incorrectly disposed of, leading to financial and environmental costs. Sustainability Victoria needed to develop a campaign that would communicate the importance of recycling correctly, and how to do it. This campaign is Recycling Victoria, and LOTE was engaged at the outset to conduct research and deliver the campaign that would effectively engage CALD audiences.


LOTE designed a research study into the recycling behaviours and beliefs of different communities. Through its strong relationships with the communities, LOTE recruited participants, managed focus groups, providing interpreters and supporting participants during the process. LOTE then produced a detailed research report on the findings which were used to develop an effective behavioural change campaign – “Recycling Victoria”. This involved planning, creation and delivery of a behaviour change campaign in six languages.