Media Planning/Buying

Multicultural media buying solutions.

Our media philosophy is simple: sensitive, effective communication – within your budget.

LOTE gets the best reach for the best price and over 200 media outlets at our disposal.

At The LOTE Agency, our ethnic media planning and buying services are tailored to your needs. Our understanding of multicultural audiences, media and production ensures we choose the right media outlets for your audience. And with over 200 ethnic radio stations and newspapers at our disposal, we know ethnic media. Our media relationships are impartial and we negotiate hard to get you the best deal.

Media Services



With over 200 media outlets at our disposal, we plan independent, unbiased and economical media campaigns to suit diverse client needs.


Our tailored, impartial media buy gets the best reach, for the right price. We choose the best outlets for your audience.


With Australia’s best team of bilingual talent and an in-house production studio, we produce and distribute materials from press advertisements to radio announcements and television commercials to campaign launches.



Our post-media evaluation service uses media monitoring and clipping services to analyse and report on the outcomes of media campaigns.

What our clients think.

LOTE's innovative strategies were instrumental in assisting us to determine the impact of water safety programs amongst the East Gippsland indigenous community.

Life Saving Victoria

Thank you all so much for all your hard work. I know you did extra-long hours, bent over backwards for us, and delivered every single time.


I kindly acknowledge your great communications work, as usual. Thanks Team.

NSW Fire Brigade

You are one of the few people to over-deliver and exceed our expectations.

Fair Work Australia

Communicating Has Never Been So Easy

In-house specialist marketing, translation, production, desktop publishing services, all in one place.