The LOTE Agency champions multicultural engagement in the energy sector

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The LOTE Agency sponsors the Enlit Conference in Melbourne

Last week The LOTE Agency exhibited at one of Australia’s leading energy conferences, Enlit Australia. The conference brought together professionals across the energy and utilities sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Australia’s energy transition and it was an incredibly productive experience. We have partnered with a number of energy and water companies, helping them to reach and engage their culturally and linguistically diverse audiences, so it was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones to talk about how we can bring Australia’s diverse communities on the journey of Australia’s energy transition. 

We also had the privilege of presenting at the conference with Roger Larkins, Head of Research, and Carla Rada, Community Engagement Officer, discussing the importance of communicating effectively with multicultural communities to improve the adoption of sustainable behaviour. As Australia continues to become more diverse, it is essential that we learn how to engage with our communities in the best way possible. Roger and Carla focused on the communication strategies organisations should adopt to promote sustainable behaviours across CALD audiences, incorporating cultural factors such as religion, aspects of cultural significance and values, cultural taboos, relationships and roles within the community that may directly influence their behaviours and attitudes.

We spoke about a client case study, Sustainability Victoria, and discussed the approach we used that involved tailored messaging and engagement strategies, adapted to the specific cultural and linguistic needs of different communities. We also presented our own research into the experience of CALD communities with their utilities providers. 

Promoting Multicultural Engagement for Meaningful Connections

It was a fantastic opportunity to share our expertise and insights with a wider audience. It’s always a privilege to discuss the importance of cultural competency and how it can benefit not only the energy industry but all industries that seek to connect with multicultural communities. Throughout the conference, we had the chance to speak with a wide range of companies and individuals who were interested in learning more about how they can improve their communication with diverse communities. 

At The LOTE Agency, we are committed to helping our clients connect with CALD communities to achieve their communication goals. We believe that effective communication is the key to building strong and lasting relationships with all members of an audience. By taking the time to understand the unique needs and perspectives of each community, we are able to create content that resonates and connects in a meaningful way.

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