Carla Rada

Multicultural Engagement Specialist


Carla is a Multicultural Engagement Specialist at The LOTE Agency, creating, organising, and developing several creative approaches to engage with multicultural communities across Australia. She has worked on numerous high-profile activation campaigns for LOTE clients, involving interactive webinars, murals, and sports activities.

Carla has a background in Intercultural Studies and Communication with an emphasis on Mediation and Intercultural Peacebuilding, enabling her to bring cultural intelligence into play. Her ability to quickly adapt to many cultural situations has brought unique insights to meetings and projects.

More importantly, she is passionate about helping multicultural communities feel included by bridging the gap to create a more socially cohesive society in which all communities feel a sense of belonging.

In her free time, she enjoys going out with her family, working out, reading, and travelling.