The Evolution of Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine celebrates the coming together of two cultures to create new-world dishes, and whilst it’s easy to get caught up in today’s hype around fusion cuisine, let’s bypass the Cronut and Pad Thai Pizzas for a minute and take a look back to where it all began.

Whilst the term “fusion cuisine” is relatively new, the art of creating hybrid dishes has been around since the beginning of trade.Traditionally, fusion took place when neighbouring cultures overlapped and shared dishes, cooking styles and ingredients to create new concepts and flavours. Spaghetti, for example, wouldn’t exist if the Chinese hadn’t created the noodle first and the popular Indian restaurant staple Vindaloo was created through the blending of Portuguese and Goan cuisine.

Fusion done right – think Tex-Mex – can lead to masterpieces, but done wrong results in fusion confusion. Good fusion carefully combines thought out ingredients, textures and culinary techniques from different cultures to create a faultless dish. However, fusion confusion happens when random ingredients are tossed together, resulting in a culinary disaster.

Thanks to our multicultural population, fusion cuisine is becoming increasingly popular and well-regarded In Australia, with Melbourne and Sydney now perceived as some of the top cities to get your hands on fusion cuisine.

Check out some of our top picks below:


Paperboy Kitchen

Pavlov’s Duck

Smith and Singleton

Chin Chin

JD’s Burgers

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