Top tips to refresh your multicultural strategy

It’s no secret that multicultural marketing can often be left as an after thought, but like all marketing strategies, multicultural marketing needs to be fresh and updated to be effective. Check out these handy hints to keep your multicultural strategy relevant!

  1. Update your research

A common misconception is that research is a one-off element to multicultural strategy, but that’s not the case. Updating research is an essential element to remaining relevant and in touch with your target community. A good way to revalidate research is through focus group testing as focus groups can verify if your old research data is still relevant. Survey answers can also be clarified and discussed between participants, adding a deeper element to your research.

  1. Re-evaluate your target audience

Re-evaluating your target audience is a crucial way to ensure you’re campaign is reaching the right people. For example, in the past you may have focused on Greek and Italian communities, whereas now there are emerging languages like Dari that may also be relevant to your campaign. It is important to regularly re-assess and adjust your target audience.

  1. Think outside the box

Have you always produced in language brochures? Are you still using booklets? The world of technology is constantly evolving, so evolve your materials with it! Websites, social media, online brochures and animations are not only a way to keep up with your audience and their information consumption preferences, but housing resources online is a green solution for your organisation, saving paper and printing

  1. Make multicultural a priority

Multicultural is often left as an afterthought, so why not incorporate it in your the core marketing strategy? Motivating all staff to consider multicultural in their aspect of the business or organisation is a great way to start. Involving the whole team will make sure your multicultural campaign is more rounded and will ensure that multicultural messaging is clear across all staff.

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