Stopping all stations to cultural diversity

On Sunday November 17, the Frankston train line took a stand against racism through the power of dance, music and song.

The Multicultural Express celebrated Melbourne’s cultural diversity with community entertainment and food from Africa, India and Turkey.

Commuters were treated to a range of experiences, from drumming workshops, community choirs and Bollywood dancing, to roving entertainers, belly dancing and food stalls.

Frankston station played host to the invigorating sights and sounds of Africa. Next stop was Mentone station, alive to the rich textures of Turkey. Further along the line, Caulfield station pulsated to the dazzling colours of India.

The exhilarating event was the brainchild of former Frankston mayor, Christine Richards. She said she wanted to celebrate diversity and “Give people a real taste of just how fantastic the communities that live on the Frankston line are.”

The Multicultural Express Committee, Frankston and Kingston Councils, the Victorian State Government and Metro trains all supported the event as a positive means of reinforcing multiculturalism in our community.

Read more about the Multicultural Express at SBS News.

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