Benefits of Animation for Multicultural Campaigns

Any message can be delivered, but no matter how important, exciting or relevant your message is, an audience will only take action if it’s delivered effectively. That’s where animation comes in.

Animations are everywhere online. They’re on websites, social media and they even pop up in emails. It comes as no surprise that animations are taking over our online experience, they’re one of the most effective marketing tools.


Whilst there are countless benefits of animation, what most people don’t know is that animations have specific benefits for multicultural messaging.

Character development

Animations are all about characters and their story. If you’re targeting a multicultural audience, our animators can develop culturally neutral characters to ensure no audience is singled out and no cultural bias is shown. This might mean that your character has an unconventional appearance, for example they might be blue, or be shaped as a square.

Message delivery

Animations can deliver any message. Typically when we think of animations, we think of bright colours and fun music, but with the right context, animations can deliver any kind message, including culturally sensitive topics.

Cost effective

A major benefit of animation is that they’re cost effective when producing multiple language versions. This is because with the right visuals, animations require very little onscreen text, making one animation the platform for other languages. To produce other language versions, only the voiceover needs to be recorded, meaning you can reach multiple language groups for a fraction of the cost of video production.



One of the big perks of animation, is their ability to go viral. They’re easily shared across social networks, making them a fun way to drive traffic back to your website and gain awareness to your campaign.


Refreshing your multicultural strategy to include animation will not only help to give your product, message or service a modern touch, but will also allow your message to be heard across several languages, at a cost friendly price.

Check one of our latest animations for Responsible Gambling Victoria:

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