Who Should Consider Multicultural Marketing?

Australia is a multicultural nation that continues to expand its cultural diversity.  In fact, when you look at the population clock, one migrant arrives in Australia every 59 seconds!

This growing part of our population indicates that brands and organisations should actively start connecting with these audiences.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2016 Census data, almost half of Australians are born overseas or have one or both parents who were born overseas.

Our question to you is: Have you considered Multicultural Marketing?

As a multicultural communications agency, The LOTE Agency works with brands and organisations to develop targeted marketing strategies for diverse audiences, where mainstream approach doesn’t always cuts through.

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So, what brands or organisations would benefit from Multicultural Marketing?

In our experience, to understand the needs of a multicultural audience, you need to take it from the perspective of a new migrant who has just arrived in Australia. They require the necessary services and information to get themselves settled.  This includes banking services, phone and internet, medical, car insurance etc.

You must provide and communicate these services with multicultural audiences to ensure you present a major opportunity and a potential consumer market.

Developing an effective multicultural marketing strategy is not always straightforward. It is as simple as translating mainstream creative and expecting the same emotional response from diverse audiences. Customisation requires more effort and a deeper understanding of cultural nuances. This is where our tram of multicultural communications experts at LOTE can help!

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So, how will Multicultural Marketing benefit me?

If your goal is to engage multicultural audiences, you need to speak their language, and most importantly, speak to their cultures. You need to know and understand diverse cultural requirements, behaviours and perceptions. This will help you avoid undesired generalisations and stereotyping, ultimately helping you build strong connections with multicultural communities.

By taking the time to research the consumers from a cultural group and implement culturally sensitive and relevant communications, you will have a more meaningful approach and increased exposure to a new market.

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