Peta Reynolds

Multimedia Manager


Peta Reynolds is a highly experienced Multimedia Manager with 17 years of dedicated service at LOTE. Over the years, Peta has worked closely with multicultural communities, facilitating focus groups, overseeing translation projects, and creating compelling audio and video materials.

What drives Peta’s passion for her work is the profound impact it has on multicultural communities and recognising the challenges faced by these communities in disseminating messages. Her background in IT has allowed Peta to hone her expertise in managing projects that involve video and audio elements, ensuring the accurate and impactful delivery of messages.

Peta is committed to continuing to break down language barriers and enable effective communication.

Outside of work, Peta finds joy in spending quality time with her family, and engaging in outdoor activities like walking and hiking. She also enjoys reading, gaming, and pursuing further studies to expand her knowledge and expertise.