Harlan Wilkerson

Project Manager


Harlan is a seasoned Project Manager with over 10 years of diverse project and campaign management experience working across various sectors, including government, non-profits, utilities, and corporations. 

Harlan is a relationship builder, focused on getting the best outcome for both client and community. She excels in strategic planning, team leadership and interpreting project briefs to increase operational efficiency and a reduction in project delivery timelines.

Harlan is originally from the United States, where she gained a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, fostering a mindset embracing diversity and promoting innovation. Now based in Melbourne, Harlan is able to provide a unique global perspective.

Harlan blends strategic insight with genuine empathy, and is passionate about making a meaningful difference and contributing to positive social change, by blending her strategic insight with genuine empathy.

Outside of work, Harlan enjoys spending time with family and friends, going on hikes, and constantly learning new things.