Continence Foundation of Australia launches Audio Visual information in 20 languages

Incontinence is difficult enough to talk about at the best of times, but when your first language isn’t English, it’s even harder to talk about.

Following world Continence week, the Continence Foundation of Australia is proud to launch their new website featuring audio visual information in twenty languages other than english.

From translation to post-production, LOTE exclusively managed the production of short videos in twenty languages on behalf of the Foundation. initial stages involved development of story boards to visualise creative direction, sourcing photography and translating the approved script. Community leaders and multicultural talent were then engaged and briefed on the production. LOTE then organised and directed the film shoot, ensuring the correct delivery was achieved by each of the twenty talents. a green screen was used to later project an appropriate scene behind the talent. during post production, LOTE fine-tuned the multilingual audio and incorporated the backdrop and animated imagery throughout the clip.

Beyond the short film production, LOTE also worked with the Continence Foundation to revamp their existing in-language website content and produce radio advertising materials and media releases for the ethnic media.

In addition to creating a comprehensive range of materials and resources, LOTE arranged for bilingual individuals to test the new site, managed endorsements, and coordinated media planning, scheduling and distribution for press and radio.

The new website is expected to have a significant impact on people with incontinence. It will make it easier for them to find information and resources about incontinence in their own language. This will help them to better understand their condition and get the help they need.

LOTE wishes the Continence Foundation of Australia every success in the launch of their new site. For more information, visit the Continence Foundation of Australia website.

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