Melbourne Water holds a fun family day for the community

Melbourne Fun Day promoting multicultural communication

Melbourne Water recently organised a free family day at Healesville Sanctuary, aligning with its commitment to improving water literacy within the community. This event served as a platform for fostering multicultural communication, inviting people from diverse backgrounds to come together and engage in a shared learning experience.

The day commenced with a poignant Welcome to Country led by Murrundindi, a Wurundjeri Elder, setting a respectful tone and acknowledging the Indigenous connection to the land. Attendees were captivated by the Melbourne Water team’s guided tour, which allowed them to explore exhibits featuring Australia’s unique wildlife, such as Koalas, Kangaroos, Reptiles, Parrots, and Platypus. The Spirit of the Skies show further deepened their appreciation for the country’s native bird species.

Lunchtime provided an opportunity for participants to connect and reflect on the day’s experiences. The Melbourne Water activation during this period demonstrated the crucial role of waterbugs in maintaining the health of our waterways. By combining education with engagement, the event effectively conveyed the message of eradicating litter from these precious ecosystems.

By embracing multicultural communication, Melbourne Water not only empowered the community with valuable knowledge but also fostered a sense of unity in its mission to preserve and protect our natural resources. Creating a fun and interactive day for everyone who attended, the key message of making litter extinct from our waterways is much more likely to be remembered. As our Head of Community Engagement predicted in our previous blog, 2023 will see an increase in face-to-face engagement activity.

Melbourne Water’s free family day at Healesville Sanctuary stands as a shining example of the growing emphasis on direct interactions in 2023. By embracing multicultural communication, the event not only disseminated crucial knowledge but also nurtured a shared purpose among diverse attendees to safeguard our natural resources. The event’s hands-on approach and engaging activities ensured that the core message of eliminating waterway litter would resonate deeply. As projected by the Head of Community Engagement in a prior blog post, this event perfectly encapsulates the rising trend of in-person engagement activities, solidifying the significance of personal connections in the present year.

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Family Day in Melbourne promoting multicultural communication
Melbourne family day

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