To effectively reach a multicultural audience, first you need to understand it. Fortunately, you can easily gain this understanding through research, giving you the knowledge to deliver an effective multicultural communication campaign. Focus groups are a brilliant way of undertaking research within multicultural communities. They elicit honest, genuine feedback about your product, service or subject matter.

There are two key reasons to carry out focus group testing with CALD communities. Firstly, they provide you with market awareness. You can feed this into your communication campaign to ensure its effectiveness. For example, some CALD communities have specific information requirements and may, or may not, be aware of the idea behind your campaign. You may also discover that you need to educate your target audience further to understand your message.

Secondly, focus group testing provides an indicator of how successful your campaign will be. The participants’ responses and engagement will paint a picture of how the target community will receive your campaign.

There are many benefits of focus group testing for multicultural marketing, but we are going give you our Top 4:   

1. Confidence

Focus groups give you the data to confidently deliver a powerful, effective communication campaign. They can reveal how cultural groups favour different sources for their information, as every group is different. Some prefer getting their information from the radio, while others are influenced by social media or search online for information. Some will only listen to people they know and trust. Fundamentally, focus groups highlight information blind spots. This allows you to design and tailor your message or delivery strategy so it’s as effective as possible.

2. Verification and Clarification

Old data isn’t always out of date! Focus groups help you to validate old research data and – if it’s no longer relevant – to replace it. Also, survey responses can be discussed and expanded upon between participants. This adds depth to your research.



3. A Human Element

A valuable outcome of focus group testing is the human element. Whilst quantitative data is of course useful, focus groups give you access to opinions of individuals. This gives you personal insights that you may never discover otherwise. Gathering opinions from focus groups is the best way to gain an understanding of your target community.


4. Value for Money

Focus groups are faster and more cost-effective than other qualitative research methods, such as one-on-one interviews. Also, the collaborative dynamic of a group provides a synergy, resulting in more output than individual interviews. One focus group can host up to 12 participants over the space of 1-2 hours, which saves on time and money.



What Industries Benefit from Focus Group Testing?

All industries can benefit hugely from focus group testing. However, we find that our clients in the following sectors tend to value Focus Group Testing more than most:

  • Research Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Consumer goods
  • Sports codes

Our clients gain valuable insights into diverse community groups from our focus groups. These insights inform campaigns that drive community engagement across a range of sectors. Our focus groups will give you the information you need for success.

Some of our clients who have benefited from using our Focus Group Testing include Sustainability Victoria, WorkSafe and Life Saving Victoria.

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