Cultural Insights Series: Introducing Greece

We recently shared the first of our Cultural Insights Series. With a friend of LOTE, Shamsiya, we explored the incredible culture of Afghanistan.

From this week on, we’ll be publishing the second chapter. And we are happy to introduce Dimitri, our guide to the Greek culture!

Greek culture is hugely important to Australian culture, with Australia having the third largest Greek diaspora in the world – 50% living in Victoria. Greek migration started in the 1800s, with the biggest influx occurring after the Second World War and lasting up to 1970s.

Dimitri will show us around the most fascinating travel-spots and teach us how to act like a Greek. We will also peek into a Greek house to see how families celebrate their most favourite holidays. We’ll learn how to cook Greek food, to play traditional instruments and most importantly, to enjoy life in a uniquely Greek way!

Sounds like an exciting journey, doesn’t it? We will be publishing the videos weekly on our blog and YouTube and share the updates across our social media channels, so that you’ll know when each new episode comes out.

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