Cultural Diversity Week

Australia is a multicultural country, so why not celebrate our diversity? Even though we communicate primarily through language, we love that there are other ways to experience, engage with and learn about other cultural groups and ethnic communities. We feel fortunate that in Australia, we have countless opportunities to experience these cultures through our shared love of food, art, music and dance.

Tomorrow marks a time for celebration as 2015’s biggest multicultural event, Victoria’s Cultural Diversity Week kicks off. The festival is designed to unite Victorians through numerous events, encouraging the sharing of cultures, languages and faith.

This year also marks the seventh annual Viva Victoria Multicultural Festival. Viva Victoria takes place on the final day of Cultural Diversity Week (Sunday 22nd March). The festivities will showcase food, art and films, through workshops, kid’s activities and performances at Federation Square from 12pm-6pm.

Happy Cultural Diversity Week!

For more information on the festivals you can go to:

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