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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. These social media platforms are part of everyday life for many people living in Australia and around the world. But what about Weibo, Tencent Qzone and Ren Ren, do they ring a bell? Probably not! That’s because they’re Chinese specific social media platforms, used by millions of Chinese speakers worldwide.

But, what’s the appeal of using Chinese specific platforms when the mainstream sites are available in Chinese you might ask? 

Let us explain.

great wall of china

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are blocked by the Chinese government in China.

For varying political reasons, Chinese citizens are blocked from accessing western social media sites. Despite being free of those restrictions in Australia, many Chinese-speaking Australians still choose to communicate and consume information via Chinese social media sites. Perhaps because it’s what they’re used to, or, it’s how they communicate with family or friends still living in China.

Chinese consumers generally follow the same decision-making process as other consumers around the world; so reaching a Chinese audience via social media is reassuringly similar with just a few extra steps to take into consideration.

weibo users in australia

1. It’s important to know where the Chinese audience is hanging out online.

2. Engage with your audience in their language! Language barriers also contribute to why Chinese native speakers tend to continue using Chinese social media platforms.

3. Chinese-speaking consumers traditionally use images and poems to share information.

This demonstrates that on social media it’s not only important to post in Chinese, but also to have the assistance of someone who understands the culture. Using culturally relevant techniques will ensure your social media campaign is conveyed in a culturally sensitive and understanding way.

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