Chinese Investment in Australia

It’s no secret that Chinese investment in Australia is hugely popular and a recent wave of investment sees Australia as China’s second largest international portfolio.

So, what sectors are being invested in?

  1. Commercial real estate (46%)
  2. Infrastructure (21%)
  3. Leisure and Retail (12%)
  4. Energy (oil and gas) (7%)
  5. Manufacturing (2%)
  6. Agribusiness (1%)

The largest sector, commercial real estate, nearly quadrupled from 2013 to 2014 to AUD 4.37 billion!

With these booming trends in our market today, it’s easy to see why translators and interpreters are such a valuable resource.

Their skills are required because international investments can span several languages, meaning crucial business dealings often take place between parties who don’t speak the same language.

But lots of people speak English, right? Well yes, English is the global language so many people speak enough to get by, however this is what is known as “Globish” (global English). Globish is a great way to casually communicate, but it doesn’t suffice for legally binding contracts and discussing important information with investors. This is where language professionals are a necessity!

Chinese investments in Australia are forecast to continue in the future, so there’s no denying that translators and interpreters will continue to play an important role in maximizing international markets.

All statistics have been drawn from Sydney University and KMPG Study, Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia, 2014.

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