Chef Profile: Poh Ling Yeow

Many of us know Poh Ling Yeow as the loveable runner up of the first season of MasterChef in 2009. Her bubbly personality and knack for turning basic ingredients into masterpieces made her a popular personality who‘s still thriving in Australia’s cooking scene today.

Poh immigrated from Malaysia to Adelaide at age nine with her parents and brother, and pursued a career as an artist before chasing her dream of cooking.

Once known as Sharon, Poh decided to drop her Anglicised name and embrace her cultural heritage. Growing up in Australia, Poh cooked like an Australian, but in her 30s decided to go back to her roots and learn Malaysian cooking. Poh believes “Malaysian culture is 90% about their food”, and this shines through in her cooking.

Masterchef launched Poh to celebrity chef status, and since, her career has thrived with the release of two SBS series; Poh’s Kitchen and most recently, Poh & Co.

Starting in 2015 and now in its second season, Poh & Co follows Poh’s life in Adelaide with her husband Jono, showcasing her cooking techniques and recipes, as well as their vegetable garden renovations and daily life with their friends, family and dogs.

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