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This year, LOTE is expanding and opening a South Australian Office. We are pleased that we will now be able to service our South Australian clients more directly, whilst exploring what the state has to offer. South Australia is home to a vibrant multicultural community, boasting delicious food, cultural celebrations and diversity. Check out our South Australian multicultural snapshot to find out more.


1.677 million

CALD speakers

The 2011 Census shows that about 220 000 South Australians speak a language other than English at home.

a_german_town SA

Main languages spoken other than English

Italian, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Arabic, German, Polish, Spanish, Punjabi and Hindi

the_adelaide South Australia


Patterns of migration to South Australia have changed significantly in the last fifteen years, the most dramatic being temporary migration overtaking permanent migration.  The countries from which we draw migrants, both temporary and permanent, have changed, with India, China and the United Kingdom now our major source countries.

In 2010/2011, China overtook the UK as the main source country of permanent migrants to Australia. China was then overtaken by India in 2012/2013.

between_january_2013 South Australia

Where does the CALD population live?

The CALD population is spread across the state, however the three South Australian electorates with the highest number of overseas-born residents are Adelaide, Sturt and Port Adelaide. The three lowest are Barker, Grey and Mayo.

For more information on South Australian Migration, visit the South Australian Migrant Museum.

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