3 benefits of using accredited translators

In a world where ‘time is money’ it’s true that we want everything as quick and economical as possible. But, when it comes to relaying your message or campaign to CALD audiences, there’s nothing more important than ensuring your content is accurately translated by an accredited translator who understands your target language and culture.

Many believe any bilingual person can translate or that Google Translate ‘will do’, but to convince you otherwise, here are a few reasons why accredited translators are a necessity for your campaign.

  1. Accuracy

This may seem fairly obvious, but unlike machine translation, accredited translators are able to understand tone, sarcasm and cultural meaning behind words. Most importantly, accredited translators understand that it’s about translating the meaning, not the words.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity

Translating for CALD audiences requires a deep cultural understanding and sensitivity and linguistic nuances also need to be understood and transferred from language to language. Using accredited translators means your campaign is being translated by someone who understands these needs.

  1. Governing bodies

In Australia NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) exists to ensure that there are rules, regulations and testing for professionals in the field. To become a translator or interpreter, individuals must take exams and if accredited, are bound by a Code of Ethics. Some of the ethical principles they must abide by are impartiality, accuracy, confidentiality and professional conduct, just to name a few. If a translator is not accredited, they aren’t bound by any code of ethics, leaving your content at risk of confidentiality breaches and unprofessional practice.

Hiring accredited translators is a necessity for any translation services project to provide accuracy, professionalism and to ensure your campaign is in safe hands.

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