What Industries Must do Multicultural Marketing?

Australia is such a multicultural nation with migrants from all over the world making up our population. This means that Multicultural Marketing can no longer be overlooked if you are needing to target people of different ethnicities and cultures.

When Multicultural Marketing is done well, it helps you relate to minority groups, and helps majority groups realise that most countries are melting pots of a diverse range of people.

AT the LOTE Agency, we work with brands and organisations to develop a multicultural communications strategy, as mainstream creative doesn’t always cut through. This is important in opening up your marketing, so it resonates with a growing segment of the Australian population.

What Industries would benefit most from Multicultural Marketing? 

What are the necessary services that a new migrant requires when they first arrive in Australia?

They require the services and information to get themselves settled.  This includes industries such as:

  • Banking
  • Telecommunications (Phone and internet)
  • Utilities (Gas & Electricity)
  • Medical
  • Local Councils
  • Government Departments
  • Police

If you are part of the above industries and don’t communicate to multicultural audiences, then you are missing a major opportunity and a potential consumer market for your brand.

How to start a Multicultural Marketing Campaign

Developing an effective and customised multicultural communications strategy is not always straightforward. It requires more effort than simply translating mainstream marketing messages and hoping it has the same response with a multicultural audience.

If you want a multicultural audience to have an interest in you, then you need to speak in a language they understand and be fully aware of all their cultural nuances, behaviours and perceptions.  By doing this, you’ll be able to make a real connection without offending or over-generalising.

This all comes down to RESEARCH. By taking the time to properly research the target cultural group, and then implementing communications that are culturally sensitive and relevant, you will make way for a more meaningful approach to your marketing.

The LOTE Agency is Here To help!

The truth is, all industries can benefit from Multicultural Marketing. If you need help to ensure your Multicultural Marketing Project is culturally sensitive, talk to us at The LOTE Agency. We will ensure you’re reaching your audience in a thoughtful, relevant and inclusive way.

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