Dafna Groisman

Multicultural Engagement Specialist


Dafna is responsible for fostering community relations as well as working on highly effective community engagement projects across Australia.

Dafna has a broad knowledge of Ibero-American culture and traditions. She has lived experience as an Argentinean immigrant and is fluent in Spanish.

Dafna has ten years of experience in communications strategy and public relations in Latin America. She has worked for not-for-profit organisations in Israel. These work and personal experiences have provided Dafna with a unique perspective on community engagement. They have also honed her ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and to bridge cultural gaps.

One of Dafna’s key strengths is her emotional intelligence, which she combines with her creative ideas to provide exceptional service to her clients. 

She enjoys travelling and meeting with new people. Dafna’s other hobbies include cooking big feasts for people where she can listen to their stories and experiences and watching the sunset.