The Importance of Colour Choice In Multicultural Marketing

In different cultures around the world, colours evoke emotions and symbolise events. They can have both positive and negative associations and when communicating with CALD audiences, it’s important that we consider what these associations are.

For example, red symbolises good luck and prosperity in the Chinese culture, whereas in some African countries, red can be associated with death. And purple, the colour of privilege and wealth in Japan is associated with sorrow in India.

Often unknowingly to consumers, marketers select colours to make them feel a certain way about a product or service. Hence when communicating your message to multicultural audiences, it’s important to not only consider the translation of the words, but to carefully consider your colour choices, too.

Essentially, the colours you choose can impact the effectiveness of your message. So, when preparing for your next multicultural campaign, maximise its impact by seeking advice from a multicultural design expert.

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