Terms and Policies

Terms of work:

The following are our terms of work. Commencement of any project with The LOTE Agency means you understand and adhere to all of these terms.
  • Work that is not specified within this quotation is defined as additional requirements. All additional requirements will require further negotiation and may incur additional costs in order to be included within this development.
  • The LOTE Agency’s standard process involves final proofing by the originating translator. Engaging an independent translator to undertake an additional check translation will incur additional costs.
  • The LOTE Agency understands that translations are a subjective medium and as such will address any client feedback promptly. Any requested changes to translated materials will be assessed by the originating translator and if agreed to, will be of no extra charge to the client.
  • Any author’s corrections or translation ‘stylistic’ changes requested to written material will incur additional translation costs.
  • Copyright of all creative strategy and materials created for this project remains the property of The LOTE Agency until full payment is received, after which time all copyrights remain the property of the client aforementioned in this quotation.

Quality Assurance:

All translation projects undertaken by The LOTE Agency have the following quality assurance measures applied:
  • Exclusive use of Australian based NAATI accredited translators. NAATI accreditation is the only officially accepted qualification for the translation and interpreting profession in Australia.
  • All English language text is assessed for cultural sensitivity and appropriateness. Where necessary, The LOTE Agency will recommend and implement modifications in consultation with the client. The LOTE Agency ensures that the integrity of the English text remains intact and that translators clearly understand the material prior to commencing translation.
  • The LOTE Agency undertakes all typesetting by using experienced in-house desktop publishers and graphic designers who understand the workings of language fonts, systems and design software.
  • The LOTE Agency ensures the originating translator proof reads all translations. Translators review the text for spelling and grammatical mistakes and check the final document for accuracy.
  • All print, audio and visual materials produced are in line with client requirements and within agreed timeframes.
  • As a value added service, The LOTE Agency archives all translated materials for future access at no additional charge.

The LOTE Agency and Government Policy:

The LOTE Agency specialises in the strategic development, production and delivery of ethnic communications to all cultural groups that make up our broader community. We regularly deliver campaigns on behalf of government at a local, state and federal level to ensure all Australians have access to up-to-date and relevant government policies. The campaigns we deliver do not necessarily reflect the personal opinions on government policy of The LOTE Agency and its employees. Rather, they reflect our belief that all Australians deserve equal access to government information in both a language and format they can understand. We also regularly consult with representatives from ethnic communities to ensure we deliver the right message in the right way to communicate to the target audience.