LOTE Services

Offering translation in over 150 languages from Assyrian to Zande.

With Australia’s best team of bilingual talent, we create everything from press advertisements to radio announcements and TV commercials to campaign launches.

We open the door to communication with diverse communities, whether in Australia or overseas.

The LOTE Agency specialises in the strategic development, production and delivery of ethnic communications to all cultural groups that make up our broader community. From multicultural research, multicultural marketing and language translation services across 150 languages, LOTE is the ethnic communication company that knows how to engage and speak to these audiences in the language they understand.

Strategic Multicultural Solutions

Research & Planning

Specialised multicultural market research, community outreach and focus groups to help you prepare and plan your communications campaign. Tell me more…

Multilingual Translations

NAATI translation services for over 150 languages that can be prepared in-house for all delivery formats including printed documents, websites, audio or video production. Tell me more…

Communication Campaigns

Strategy and execution of integrated marketing communication campaigns to best suit your target audiences, with specialist creative concepts, copywriting, event management and direct mail campaigns (electronic & hard copy). Tell me more…

Digital Marketing

In-house multilingual website design & build, mobile app, multi-lingual SEM & social marketing, and video production to meet all your digital marketing needs. Tell me more…

Media Planning/Buying

Tailored media buying to get the best reach for the best price and over 200 media outlets at our disposal. Tell me more…

Multilingual Video Production

Our video production service can provide a complete solution from conception, script writing, talent sourcing, direction, shooting, animation and post-production. Tell me more…

Communicating Has Never Been So Easy

In-house specialist marketing, translation, production, desktop publishing services, all in one place.