WorkSafe Victoria – CALD Workers Campaign

Project objectives and outcomes

WorkSafe Victoria engaged LOTE to develop a digital strategy that will support the workplace safety of CALD workers who speak Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese. Prior to the campaign, there was no specific targeting of these CALD audience, and consequently, their knowledge of OH&S and WorkSafe was limited. Therefore the communication objectives of this project were to;
  • raise awareness of the importance of OH&S among migrant workers
  • inform CALD workers where they can find more information about health and safety at work
  • inform CALD workers about where to go should they have an OH&S issue.
LOTE recognised the large communication barriers present, and devised a marketing strategy to overcome this. The strategy included producing tools and communication outputs that allowed all members of the target audience to have access to the information regardless of their literacy levels or information consumption preferences. LOTE devised a strategy that directed all traffic (online, radio and outdoor) to the website where they would find a suite of resources in their language. The marketing tools developed were;
  • Radio Ads
  • Three animations
  • Social media animation (30 seconds)
  • Social Media strategy (paid campaign)
  • Outdoor ads
LOTE’s experience with CALD audiences allowed us to recommend that all communication materials:
  • Were translated into the audience’s native language
  • Used simple language
  • Used clear and relevant headlines
  • Avoided English acronyms
  • Used serious, informative, reassuring and impactful language tone
Upon review of WorkSafe Victoria’s website, LOTE recommended that a dedicated CALD campaign website be developed. With WorkSafe’s approval, our web team developed the new site, which acted as an educational portal for in-language campaign materials. The website housed three educational animations, factsheets and accompanying audio files, all in-language. Above all, the campaign was a huge success, with animation views, radio ads and downloads all reaching substantial engagement rates, including; over 62,000 website visitors, over 50,000 animation views and over 500 radio downloads from the website across the campaign duration.

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