WorkSafe – CALD Workers Research and Creative Campaign

worksafe worker falling over and injuring themselves at work

Project Brief:

WorkSafe engaged LOTE to undertake a two-phase research project and creative campaign. The project consisted of benchmarking, creative campaign development and testing creative campaign materials.


The target audiences were the Arabic, Burmese, Dari, Dinka, Khmer and Korean communities. The communications objectives were to:


  • Gain insight into the communities’ knowledge of WorkSafe Victoria and workplace safety in general
  • Raise awareness of the importance of OH&S among migrant workers
  • Inform CALD workers where they can find more information about health and safety at work
  • Inform CALD workers about where to go should they have an OH&S issue


    Phase 1: Six focus groups were undertaken across the target languages. They consisted of Victorian workers aged 22 to 35 years, working primarily in the service industry. LOTE benchmarked current awareness and knowledge of WorkSafe and workplace rights and responsibilities among the target demographic.
    LOTE identified significant communication barriers and devised a marketing strategy to overcome this. The strategy included producing tools that allowed all members of the target audience to have access to the information, regardless of their literacy levels or information consumption preferences. LOTE devised a strategy that directed all traffic (online, radio and outdoor) to the WorkSafe website, where visitors would find a host of resources in their language.
    The marketing tools developed were:
    • Radio ads
    • Animations
    • Digital banners
    • Outdoor ads
    Phase 2: Six focus groups were undertaken across the target languages, with the same target demographic as Phase 1. A focus group format explored responses to the creative concepts.
    Through an interpreter, LOTE introduced the session and participants completed demographic details. They were then shown the creative concepts for the animations, radio scripts and outdoor ads. Questions and discussions on the awareness and perceptions of WorkSafe also took place.
    Participant responses were tabled:
    • Qualitatively, with notes and key themes recorded by LOTE staff present
    • Quantitatively, with LOTE staff gauging the approximate number by headcount


      The research provided WorkSafe and LOTE with valuable insights for the creative campaign. Once WorkSafe has launched the campaign, LOTE will undertake research phase three. Phase three will test the campaign effectiveness.

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