The University of Melbourne – Website development

Project objectives and outcomes

The University of Melbourne partnered with community organisations across Australia to develop and conduct research on multicultural youth living in Australia. The client approached LOTE to build a website that had the capability to serve as a survey tool and knowledge hub that appealed to multicultural youth. A major focus for the website was to create a visually appealing front end, enabling efficient survey distribution, increase participant engagement and accessibility and capture survey responses. From the initial brief to the website launch, LOTE worked closely with The University of Melbourne to ensure each requirement was achieved. LOTE’s team of web designers produced design concepts that appealed to young people and youth organisations, whilst also adhering to branding guidelines. During the process LOTE continued to test and modify the website to enhance user experience for a young audience until the desired outcome was achieved. The client and their external stakeholders were extremely happy with the final product and thanked LOTE for the consistent communication and expertise provided throughout the project. The website attracted 2,000 participants which greatly assisted the research project.

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