The Huddle / NMFC – Social cohesion animation workshops

Project objectives and outcomes

The Huddle, the community engagement arm of the North Melbourne Football Club approached LOTE to assist with delivering multimedia workshops to VCAL high school students to ultimately create animations promoting social cohesion. LOTE ran animation development workshops twice a week for the duration of the school term. The workshops consisted of VCAL high school students from three different schools. LOTE prepared the workshops with the student’s perspective in mind, designing the workshops to be interactive with engaging visuals and a hands-on approach. The workshops encouraged group discussion for the students to build on each other’s ideas in a friendly, positive environment. Workshops sequentially covered the development of creative briefs, scripts, storyboards, style frames, visual and audio communication. The process allowed the students to gradually build their knowledge of multimedia development as well as a sense of ownership for their animation. The desired outcome from the program was achieved with all stakeholders involved extremely pleased with the animations the students had created as well as the learning and development enjoyed by the students. The animations were released into the market with a positive response from the community. The Huddle and LOTE have now worked together on this project for two consecutive years.

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