Sustainability Victoria – CALD Creative

Project Brief:

Sustainability Victoria approached LOTE to conduct research ahead of a campaign launch. The project involved focus group research and concept testing of creative material. Sustainability Victoria recognised a real need to promote correct recycling practices to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse audiences.


The project objectives were to:
  • Research and identify specific knowledge gaps and barriers to correct recycling behavior
  • Undertake creative concept testing with community groups
  • Uncover priority messaging, best communication channels and engagement strategies for target audiences.


Seven focus groups were undertaken across the target languages that included:
  • Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic speakers
  • Indian community members (English speaking)
  • International students from Chinese and Indian backgrounds
Concepts were developed for digital video, press and council channels.
During the focus groups LOTE benchmarked current awareness of good recycling habits. In-language creative concepts for digital video, press and council channels were then presented. Group discussion explored responses for current recycling habits and the creative concepts presented.


    The focus group participants demonstrated good engagement with the creative concepts. Although there were still several consistent suggestions on how to improve their effectiveness. Findings from the research highlighted attitude and behaviours towards waste management practices. Furthermore it identified knowledge gaps and insubstantial information. Participants appreciated the focus groups. They said they would be more conscious of their recycling habits after receiving the information.
    Sustainability Victoria plan to launch the campaign to correct community recycling habits. In turn this will increase processing capacity and avoid contamination.

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