Southern Metropolitan Botanical Cemetery – Ad Design Across Five Cemeteries

Project objectives and outcomes

Southern Metropolitan Botanical Cemetery engaged LOTE to design press ads and manage the media buy for three of their cemeteries with a high CALD demand.

To design culturally appropriate and appealing press ads for the Italian and Chinese communities.

LOTE’s designers utilised their extensive CALD design experience and undertook in-depth research into the cemeteries, their colour schemes and imagery, cultural traditions and symbolism. From here, mood visual boards were developed to give inspiration for the ad design. Six design concepts were then developed, each with a different look and feel (ie. Traditional and Modern Classic) for the client to choose from.

Once a design concept was chosen and the ads passed through the feedback and approvals stage, LOTE’s media team produced a media buy schedule for the ads, targeting their language groups, age and demographic.

Southern Metropolitan Botanical Cemetery have been enthusiastic about the success of the ad campaigns, reporting a ROAS of over 800% as well as an increase in calls to the 1300 number and overall positive community feedback.

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