Participant recruitment and management

Project Brief:

Participant recruitment and managementDirection First Insites Consulting, a market research group, approached LOTE to recruit and manage 600 participants to complete an online research questionnaire.


The aim was to test brand awareness for a financial institution across three language groups within a six-week period.


Participant recruitment and managementThe project involved testing the brand awareness and creative for this financial institution in languages of Mandarin, Hindi and Punjabi. Each group consisted of 200 participants with a total of 600 people undertaking the questionnaire.

LOTE were responsible for:

  • Translating the questionnaire into Simplified Chinese, Hindi and Punjabi.
  • Arranging participant screening and recruitment for each language group to ensure demographic quotas were met.
  • Managing questionnaire distribution, participant queries and reimbursements.
  • Organising and conducting face-to face questionnaire sessions.


Initially participants were reluctant to participate due to the facial coding component in the questionnaire, so LOTE suggested conducting face-to-face sessions with participants to overcome this issue. LOTE also worked closely with the client throughout the entire project to make minor adjustments to accommodate for unexpected face-to-face sessions.


Utilising our research database and community relationships, LOTE was able to recruit all 600 participants and have the questionnaires completed within the short period.  The client was grateful for LOTE’s advice and guidance throughout the project and pleased with the overall result.

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