Mustard Creative Agency – Translation and Subtitles

Project objectives and outcomes

Mustard Creative Agency engaged LOTE to translate the scripts of 13 explainer videos for their car rental client. The agency required the scripts to be translated into three languages (Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese) and delivered in a format ready to insert into master video files. Each video ran for approximately 30 – 90 seconds in length. LOTE assigned NAATI accredited translators to complete the translations. The translators received the English videos as well as the copy to ensure the translations aligned with the context. Once the translations were complete they were converted to SRT files to attach to each video. This allowed platforms such as YouTube to display timed subtitles for each video in each language. The translated SRT files were timecoded and divided into two lines per timecode with no more than eight words per a line. Mustard and their client were both really pleased with the outcome and looked forward to bringing the translated videos to market.

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