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Greenvale reservoir melbourne

Project Brief:

LOTE was engaged by Melbourne Water to undertake CALD community engagement.

Melbourne Water had planned to upgrade the entrance to Greenvale Reservoir Park, during which the park would be closed to the public. The upgrade coincided with Eid-al Fitr celebrations and Melbourne Water wished to communicate the park’s closure to the local Muslim community. This was to ensure the community could plan Eid celebrations in other nearby parks and to thank them for their patience and support.


To effectively engage with the Muslim community living near Greenvale Reservoir Park and communicate Melbourne Water’s message.


LOTE reproduced a flyer with content that was culturally appropriate for the target audience. The flyer included information on:

  • Melbourne Water’s commitment to the community
  • Description of the upgrade and work
  • Acknowledgment of the park’s popularity during Eid and the disruptions the upgrade may cause
  • Information to find alternative parks
  • Thanking the community for their patience and support
  • Ending with a Ramadan Greeting.

To ensure the information was easily accessible for all Muslim community members, it was essential to translate the content into Arabic and Turkish. These languages were identified as the most spoken languages by the Muslim community in the area.

LOTE designed the single-page flyer to display content in English, Arabic and Turkish as it was likely community members spoke multiple languages in various organisations. This allowed the recipient to easily obtain the information in their preferred language from one source.

The flyer was distributed in person to various Islamic community organizations near Greenvale Reservoir Park.


Melbourne Water’s Greenvale Reservoir CALD community engagement campaign was successful and achieved:

  • Widespread direct awareness of the park’s closure
  • Strong opportunity for secondary awareness (word of mouth)
  • Promotion of Greenvale reservoir as a welcoming community recreational space, and
  • A positive impression and awareness of Melbourne Water within the community.

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