City of Moreland – Art Catalogue

counihan gallery interior

Project Brief:

The City of Moreland approached LOTE to translate and typeset an art catalogue essay that was to be featured and used for a local art exhibition.


LOTE worked with the City of Moreland, their designer and the artists to develop a multilingual art catalogue in Arabic, Greek, Hebrew and Turkish. The artists and their artwork were from regions that spoke those languages; it was important that the translation could convey the essay to connect the artwork with the audience.


The catalogue had to be ready by open night of the exhibition and it was imperative the material was ready in advance for print. LOTE had approximately two weeks to complete the translation and typesetting. Furthermore, unexpected issues with formatting and in-language and the LOTE team had to work quickly with the designer to address these concerns.


LOTE completed all requirements a week prior to the exhibition open night. The client was very pleased with the outcome, the service provided and LOTE’s ability to accommodate tight timeframes and build relationships with external stakeholders. The artists were also impressed with the translation and shared their appreciation on their social media channels, with the artist Didem Erk describing it as ‘the best multilingual catalogue I’ve ever seen’.

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