City of Melbourne – BlakHEART 2019

Project Brief:

The City of Melbourne engaged LOTE to help recruit field staff to conduct surveys of event participants for a one-day event called BlakHEART held in Federation Square. The event was developed by and with First Nations creatives, so the client focused on feedback from a diverse audiences’ perspective. Therefore, required surveyors from various multicultural backgrounds who had experience in conducting qualitative interview-based surveys.


Recruit field staff from diverse backgrounds who were experienced in conducting qualitative research. Then manage recruitment, shifts and coordination of field staff for the event.


Through LOTE’s extensive database of multicultural community contacts, organisations and community groups, LOTE was able to easily recruit field staff as per the specified requirements. In total LOTE recruited 16 staff and assigned them to half-day shifts across the one-day event. LOTE managed and organised all of the following:
  • Recruitment screening and interviews
  • Event briefing to staff
  • Provision of additional iPads to client for fieldwork
  • Coordination of staff shifts and procedures
  • Liaison with the client and staff prior to event and constant communication during the event
  • Management of field staff reimbursement


The City of Melbourne and LOTE were pleased with the outcome of the project, reporting; high engagement between field staff and event goers, impressive professionalism and communication skills from staff and achieving a high number of overall survey completions on the day.

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