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Imagine a world where you can communicate with your large non-English speaking workforce as effectively as a native English speaker, in their language.

Increase efficiencies, productivity, employee satisfaction and quality assurance!

For organisations with employees from non-English speaking backgrounds, finding ways to improve communication can be a challenge. Everything from reading and understanding policies and procedures, participating in workplace safety and training and understanding company communications must be given greater consideration.

The LOTE Agency are specialists in communicating with your employees and ensuring they receive and understand important information to help them do their job better and safer. We provide a range of services that can help you communicate with all your employees.

Communication Services For Employers


Help employees understand written information

We provide translation services from NAATI accredited translators that can get your message across in over 150 languages. We can translate any document, website/web page, audio or visual file, as well as company communications such as emails, memos, staff presentations, newsletters, all in a sensitive and efficient manner. We also have an express 24 hour turnaround service when important company messages need to be disseminated.


Develop visual posters and signs, and create newsletters in different languages

We can help create visual multilingual signage and posters such as safety or hazard signage. Our in-house creative and desktop publishing production team specialises in foreign language fonts, software and specific formatting requirements.

Use Animation and Video Content to Engage and Educate Your Workforce

Help your multicultural staff understand specific issues or undertake training with multilingual short videos or animations presented in their language and using culturally appropriate references and terminology. Alternatively add translated sub-titles or voice over to existing video footage. Animation in particular is easy to create, and easy to share via the company intranet, staff email and in training/staff workshops.


Invest in Your Workforce With a Dedicated Multilingual Intranet Website

Could the information on your intranet be useful for employees in their language? We can help create a multilingual website especially for your employees in their language. Our language Management System handles all the hosting and multilingual infrastructure so you can leave the complicated details to us.

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Communicating Has Never Been So Easy

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