Our Approach For Agencies

We’re experts at working with marketing, advertising and PR agencies.

Are you working on a project for a client that wants to market itself, it’s products or its services to a multicultural audience? Want to promote yourself as an agency that has the scope to reach all Australians, even those from non-English speaking backgrounds?

As specialists in CALD marketing, we add value to projects that require a more specialised approach in reaching a diverse range of cultures and audiences.

Some of the ways in which we can work with agencies:

  • Engagement on a project by project basis to assist with specific elements of the campaign including translation of documents, creation of and dissemination of media materials.
  • Partnering to co-jointly submit tenders for projects that require specialist multicultural communications which LOTE manages in its entirety.
  • Providing ‘white label’ agency services by managing entire multicultural communications projects on behalf of agencies that wish to provide a full service offering to their clients and be safe in the knowledge that LOTE can assist with all aspects of translation, production and design with no further outsourcing required.

We are able to assist with a wide range of services that your clients may require with a breadth of experience helping agencies broaden their capabilities and results.

Communication Services For Agencies


Enhancing your client’s results with campaign translations

Target specific multicultural groups or translate specific elements of your marketing communications campaign to reach broader audiences.

Testing your client’s product or service amongst CALD communities

Undertake research with multicultural audiences to uncover information gaps or the potential usefulness of proposed marketing materials in any language.

Getting your client’s message out to CALD communities

We can assist in disseminating communications to multicultural media outlets or directly into CALD communities via grass roots awareness campaigns / events or even social media.

Getting better engagement from your target audience with animations or video

Target multicultural communities with content to support your marketing communications campaign. A highly effective way to communicate with CALD communities is with translated animations or video which can be used on social media.

Getting your client’s translations and production performed in-house

Got an annual report that needs translating? LOTE can assist with all translation, typesetting, design and printing in-house – no need for multiple agencies to manage the output.

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