Our Approach

We’re a specialist multicultural marketing communications agency.

LOTE helps with the strategic development, production and delivery of ethnic communications to all cultural groups that make up our broader community

We are passionate about what we do.

We welcome the broad range of individuals and organisations that we work with. We have compiled an overview of the more common variety of projects that we undertake for employers/HR managers, agencies and marketing communications professionals to provide an insight into just some of the ways we can work together.

Strategic Multicultural Solutions

For Employers

Are you reaching your Multicultural employees?

Take your internal communications to a new level by communicating with your non-English speaking workforce. This will increase efficiencies, productivity, and make employees feel included.

For Agencies

Are you working for a client who wants to market to a multicultural audience?

As specialists in multicultural marketing, we add value to your projects that require a more specialised approach in reaching a diverse range of cultures.

For Marketing Teams

Are you reaching your Multicultural audience?

As Marketers ourselves, we can assist in the creation, translation and dissemination of culturally sensitive communications. This will mean better results for your campaigns.

Communicating Has Never Been So Easy

In-house specialist marketing, translation, production, desktop publishing services, all in one place.