How to set multicultural goals for 2016!

2016 is already flying by and hopefully you’re off to a great start. When forecasting your plans for 2016, don’t forget to consider your multicultural audience. Here are some simple steps to help you to set multicultural goals and make them happen this year.

Step 1: Evaluate 2015

To plan for this year, you need to reflect on last year. Looking back, what multicultural goals did you achieve? Regardless of if you had a factsheet translated or produced an entire multicultural campaign, analysing the past year will allow you to clearly evaluate and form strong goals for 2016.

It’s important to identify what worked, what could’ve been improved and how your timeline and budget panned out. Taking all of this into consideration will allow you to modify your expectations for this year.

Step 2: Allow for change

Change here means not only change within your business or organisation, but changes within your target audience too.

For your business or organisation, have a look at what events you’re planning for 2016, what campaigns you’re scheduling and how you’re expanding. These changes may mean that this year’s multicultural plan will be entirely different from the last!

For changes in your multicultural audience it’s essential to remember that languages and cultures are continually evolving. What was relevant to your target audience last year may not be relevant any more, and there may be new language groups to consider in your next campaign. Our advice: research.

Step 3: Pinpoint goals

Once you’ve evaluated where you’re at and where you want to take multicultural this year, it’s vital to set out what you wish to achieve. Are you looking to hold focus groups to gain valuable insight for your campaign? Does your website need to be expanded to include new languages? Whatever goals you have in mind, they need to include objectives, key milestones and desired outcomes. Keep in mind what languages and communities you wish to reach and what key messages you have for them.

Step 4: Create a timeline

We all get busy, so a detailed timeline is a great resource to have for any campaign. Taking the time to properly set out when each goal needs to be achieved and including the necessary steps to get there, makes life a lot easier and brings you one step closer to a successful multicultural campaign.

Once your evaluation, goals and timeline are set, you’re ready to contact us to get the 2016 multicultural ball rolling!

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