How to provide high quality images of hand written documents to your translation provider

Providing documents for translation is easy if you have a word or PDF file, you just attach and send. However, getting a handwritten document translated can be a little trickier than that. People often take photos or photocopies of their handwritten documents, but unfortunately the result is can be blurred and illegible. In this case, translators refuse to accept the document – and whilst this can be frustrating as the client, remember that no translator should accept a job they cannot read, as chances are the end product will be incorrect.

So, to combat the somewhat troublesome process of providing handwritten documents for translation, we recommend using a document scanner app. These easy to use apps allow you to create high resolution images of your documents and send them to your translation services provider via email or text. You simply take a photo of the document and the app converts it to a document. LOTE’s digital team put some popular options to the test; check out what we think below.


1. CamScanner

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free
A very popular option, CamScanner is easy to use and lets you export as an image or PDF. It also allows you to adjust lighting after capturing the image.


2. TinyScanner Pro:

Available for iOS and Android

Price: $4.99

As a paid option, TinyScanner Pro comes with a few extra features such as scanning a multi-page document and exporting it as one file. Its productivity options include an intuitive folder system and excellent support for various cloud storage.


3. Scanbot

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free

Scanbot converts your photo to an image or PDF and gives on-screen advice as you’re taking the picture such as “Too dark,” “Too close,” “Move closer” making it easier for those of us who need a little more guidance. The advice also helps to get the best picture in one go, so whilst it may take a little longer, you’re more likely to save yourself time down the track.

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