4 smart ways to spend your leftover budget

The year is nearly over, and it’s usually around now that we all scratch our heads and ask what to do with the leftover budget up our sleeves.

Sometimes that leftover budget is used flippantly, so why not spend it on broadening your audience or getting your message to those who might not have heard it before?

1 in 4 Australians speak a language other than English, so it’s important to spend time (and money) to reach them. Whilst obviously we don’t see multicultural marketing as an afterthought, we understand that for some businesses, that’s the reality. So, check out some of these ways to incorporate multicultural into your last minute budget spend.

Translation of brochures or factsheets

Was there a certain document you wish you could’ve got translated this year, or a language you wish you could’ve included? Now’s the time!

Voicing over existing corporate videos in other languages

Voicing over existing videos is a cost effective way of marketing your business. Just send us your video, and we will look after the rest.

Producing in-language animation
There are countless benefits to in-language animation, one being the cost! In comparison to producing individual language videos, animation is very friendly on the budget, plus it’s a popular marketing tool at the moment too!

Social media campaigns targeting specific audiences 

Has your campaign ended but didn’t quite get the reach you’d hoped for? Spend those extra dollars on a social media campaign and reach specific language groups with targeted advertising.

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